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Why run your own rakeback site?

With Rakeback Partners, there has never been a better time to take advantage of this exciting and profitable industry. We can help, whether you are looking to set up a rakeback site for a small group of friends and associates, or to offer rakeback to your existing customers and poker-related mailing lists.

Maybe you have thought about it before, but have been put off by the initial hurdle of employing staff to handle customer service, creating affiliate links with poker rooms or managing a database?

At Rakeback Partners, we take care of all these issues for you, leaving you to concentrate on marketing your new site.

What have you got to lose? With no minimum payout and no setup or recurring costs, sign up now, and see how easy it is to start earning $$$.

How it all Works

By creating an account with Rakeback Partners, you can start earning with your own rakeback website in just three easy steps:

Step One

Create an Account

By creating an RBP account, you are well on the way to launching a successful rakeback website. This account can then be used to add new additional rakeback sites, customise existing sites with us, and manage your account information, all in one place.

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Step Two

Choose a Template

We offer a wide range of pre-designed professional-looking templates. From here, you can choose the look and feel that you want.

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Step Three

Customise Your Site

Whether you want to upload your own logo, add or remove poker room offers, or change the layout of your rakeback site, you can do it quickly and easily with our user friendly Content Management System. No knowledge of HTML/CSS etc is needed!

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Run your own rakeback site for FREE with Rakeback Partners

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