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Rakeback Offers

Rakeback Offers and BonusesAs parent to one of the original poker rakeback affiliates RakeTheRake, Rakeback Partners has built up a huge network of contacts in the poker industry. This enables us to access the widest and most competitive range of rakeback offers available.

We have carefully selected the poker rooms that we work with to cover all of the major poker networks. These are sites that are most popular with online poker players, and which offer reliable and regular payments.

Amazing Promotions

Rakeback Offers and BonusesBenefit from being able to offer your customers added value with extraordinary rake races and tournaments. Unlike other poker affiliate networks, we regularly offer over $600,000+ a month in our exclusive tournaments, winning cash or all expenses paid packages to worldwide live poker events.

Remember, these promotions are exclusive to Rakeback Partner affiliates, and can give you the edge and unique selling point for use in attracting new players, as well as rewarding your existing customers.

First Class Customer Service

Rakeback Offers and BonusesWe pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of customer service in the industry and as such we have set the benchmarks to which other rakeback sites aspire. We understand that this can have a huge impact on the reputation of a rakeback site, so we employ a team of friendly support personnel to answer questions from your customers quickly and courteously.

Second-Tier Referrals

Rakeback Offers and BonusesEarn extra money from the people your members refer! Our two tiered referral program gives your existing customers an incentive to refer friends and family for a percentage of their rakeback, whilst also giving you a cut at the same time. Therefore you benefit from an extra level of referrals without having to invest in any extra marketing money.

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